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by: JJ

I walk to my classroom.
You told me, "Gosh You Short"
I say "Thanks"
I left.
You stop me.
You want my phone number.
I gave it to you.
You want my name.
I gave it to you.
I went to my classroom.
I tell my friends about you.
I can not stop thinking of you.
Next Day.
You came up to me.
You say "Why are you ignoring me?"
I say " No."
I think to myself, I dont see you around the school.
We talk for a few mins about how long we live here.
I wrote him a letter.
I change my phone number.
He read it.
He want to know why.
I want to change my phone number.
I wrote him a letter again.
Saying, "Are you going to Choir Concert tonight?"
He read it.
He told me "I try to go tonight."
He went.
We hold hands.
Everybody think we dating.
We not.
They guys ask me, "Are you dating the guy?"
I say "No"
Next Day.
I told him, Everybody asking me, about you.
"You are my boyfriend?"
I say "No"
He told me.
I will ask you out my way.
After school.
He ask me out.
I say "yes"

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