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Strange World
by: Dark Elven
Considered a part of "Dream Stories"

       It was getting dark, the holiday was heading to its end. People-guests ware leaving the room. The wind, running away from the outside, rushed though the opened doors, touching everyone inside, everyone who was left, and disappeared, as everything here. People disappeared for us by leaving the room, but my place now was still here, this knolage came suddenly to me: the time for my disappearance hadn’t come yet. Some hot drink buirned my throat, loud music stuck in my ears, but I was still sitting, my place was here. Someone came over to me, he wanted to talk, but I didn’t know his language, I couldn’t know…He disappeared, and the holiday was dying, however its agony was long, it was lingering unbelievably long.
       Do they know rock ‘n’ roll here? They just have to, course there’s no life without it. Then why don’t I hear it? Or is there life without it after all? Someone else comes over to me again… It’s a girl… And she wants to dance. Oh, ok, I’ll dance! My body, that doesn’t really exist, moves in rutm of funny music… Holiday’s dying… Even the things that connect me with it do disappear, letting me escape from it. My legs, that don’t really exist, force me to go away from this dead holiday. The girl follows me, however she won’t escape, she is a part of this holiday. After leaving it, she’ll disappear… I am the only one to escape. Outside of our holiday there are many more of them, they all live to die and reappear again.
       Everyone here will die and reappear again… I am the only one to escape.
       Another holiday… and here is rock and roll, and roll, and rock, but I don’t need it anymore, this world has the power over me no more, I go away, I go away to where I’m awaited and wanted… I go away to what I myself tied me up to, with my own existing hands.
       The clouds are coming… They’ll take me with them, they’ll destroy this holiday world, though it’ll reappear again, washed up by rain from exactly these clouds. After this it’ll be even cleaner and happier.
       The clouds are coming, but the don’t function correctly, they only take me, so I disappear… The girl looks on the spot, where I just was… sorry, but I simply can’t take you with me, you are doomed to live here forever, to die here forever and to reappear here… forever and ever. I am the only one to escape, and no, I won’t return. My illusion disappeared, I disappeared… but this world lives still, it will live forever… My appearance in it won’t even show up…
       The rain stated, started washing up and renewing world, which I’m not in.

This story was written some year ago (in autumn 2000), originally in Ukrainian, translated into English by author on 26-27/09/2001. It’s actually a part of "Dream Stories" – but, since they don’t exist yet, it’s a selfstanding story.
All rights reserved, original and English translation © Dark Elven 2000-end of time, from eMotions inc. For copying questions e-mail:
All yours Dark Elven!