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MyotisMon appears as the third main villain in Digimon. He isn't quite a Dark Master, but is fighting for Darkness. Hes main minors ware DemiDeviMon and BakeMon. WisardMon and GatoMon ware also his servants, but later they've betraded his.
Here's his info:


Spetial Ability:

Ghost Digimon
Nightmare Claw,
Grisly Wing,
Crimson Lightning

MyotisMon has the gratest power of Darkness. He even seems to be a part of it himself. MyotisMon is strong and very good in making strategies. MyotisMon was using the biggest amount of minors ever, he even makes something like army of evil Digimon. Unfortunately his servants waren't usually very strong, so his operations mostly waren't realy seccesful, untill he took part in. Also he had some betraders on his side: WizardMon and GatoMon ( My favorite good digimon ), and they've made him some trouble. And although of this all, he was killed by AngeWoMon in couple episodes after opening gate to our world.

MyotisMon is a Vampire. He has fengs and evrything. He wares this cool jacket, black on the outside and red in the inside. The main MyotisMon's minor was DemiDeviMon, why tries to get the crests, but neaver secceds and allways gets punished. The part with MyotisMon is probaly the longest one in Digimon 01. After being killed MyotisMon was re-born as VenomMyotisMon on Mega level.


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