Colonel Silver

Silver is the first character in DragonBall from Red Ribbon Army to fight directly against Goku. He appears in couple episodes only, like 4 as far as I remember. He is pretty strong, once he's shown to train boxing, where he fights against 4 fighters and defeates them without even trying too hard.

He's got a cool red hair [wonder why he's called Silver?] and he wares a blue long coat, without anything under it. He fight's Goku couple times, with little success however... After destroying [likely] his magical cloud Goku beats him for good and he's called back to head quoters. When he should've been killed for punishment by Commandant Red, he says something like 'hands OFF' and escapes - that looked really cool...

Umm I guess he's my favorite RR character after Colonel Violet [maybe course she's a girl].


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