Colonel Violet

Violet is my favorite Red Ribbon Army character. She appears as the last of generals/colonels. Unlike all of the others, she doesn't fight at all, but uses brains [well she seems to be smart at stealing and escaping]. She is the one to gather 6th dragonball for Commandant Red. She works for money only, and when the Army is being beaten by Goku she simply steals all the money of RR and escapes without even trying to fight Goku [pretty smart of her to my mind]...

However she appeares in 3 episodes only, I would like to watch her more... oh well... she's got cool short violet hair [the reason for her name, I guess] and she wares glasses on her neck. After escaping the RR head quoters she sumhow bumps into Bulma's plane, but after scarring each other the simply fly in different directions.

Oh yeah have I mentioned her being the only female in RR [except for maybe that girl in amusement park]. It was funny - Blue mentioned that females aren't needed in RR.


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