Captain Yellow

Yellow appears after Blue's defeat, he's got the lowest range - he's only capitan. However he's in charge of region around holy column. He finds the 4-star dragonball in a volcano's crater, but the the volcano erupts and he shows himself for good commander, calling retreat. After dragonball get's to this indian, Upa's father he tries to get it with force, however all his soldiers are defeated [if _that_ could be called soldiers - they haven't even wore the same uniform, jest red ribbons to show, whom they belong to]. Then he kidnapped Upa, trying to get dragonball for him, but Goku defeats him... there was no sign of him after that.

It's worth to mention that he was the only animal-related commander in RR. He wore a funny uniform, which would look good on a World War II pilot... oh well...


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