Dragon Ball is an anime show made by Toei Animation grp.
The first part was made in year 1986 though series was all started in 1984.
The series Dragonball was created by an artist, Akira Toriyama.

After spawning the instant hit "Dr.Slump", Toriyama began to think about other plans for a new manga-series. He began with an idea, "Dragon Boy" a short, mini-series comic that appeared in a weekly Japanese manga magazine which inspired him to release dragonball later on. Based on the ancient Chinese fable "Journey to the West" a tale involving the Monkey King (Son-Wu-kong) and his adventures with his companions Piggy(Zhu-ba-jie), Tripitika(Hsuang-shen) and Sandy(another disciple), DragonBall was finally released, telling a tale of a young boy with a monkey tail named Son Goku (Son-Wu-kong in Chinese) and his adventures with the goal of obtaining the legendary DragonBalls. That's where the Dragon Ball series started.......

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