Dragon Ball GT is actually Dragon Ball Grand Tour. It's the third part of Dragon Ball. DBZ realy softly transformes into DBGT. DBGT begins with the end of Ubub's training by Son-Goku. In this episode Pilaf, Shue and Mei appear again on the God's tower, call for the Universe Dragon, who appeares from the Gragonballs with red stars. Goku tries to stop them, but Pilaf wishes Goku to turn small. This was what Dragon did and the red-stars Dragonballs flied out in the Universe. Goku desided not to kill Pilaf and the others, so although the got small again, he kicked them out of the Tower.

The young God, Dendi, told Goku that if he woun't find the Dragonballs in one year and bring them back to Earth, the whole planet would crash. Son-Goku desided to search for the Balls, on Bulma's new spaceship along with Trunks and Son-Goten, his son. Unfortunely ( or fortunaly ) insted of Son-Goten went Pan, Son-Gohan's doughter.

GT team started collecting Dragonballs over Galaxy. They face their foes for the first time while trying to catch the 3-rd Dragonball. Bara-team steals this Dragonball and brings it to their master, ...eehhhehh..., I forgot his name, well he was abble to transform into a horroble creature and was a kind of leader of Lord Lud ( Puppet ) religion, every servant who failed his mission was changed into puppet and feedded to Lord. Goku, Pan and Trunks fought this creature, but then another villain appeared ( I forgot his name ither ). He was the direct servant of doctor Myu, the great mutant creator. This guy appeared in the stage and transformed every Lord Lud servan in a doll, besides he made a puppet out of Pan. Then he brought Lud to life, though he haven't reached the highest level yet. While Lud was fighting with Goku and Trunks, this Villain was playing with hes new favorite doll: Pan ^*^ . Than he was called by Myu, who wanted to use Pan as an energy source, but he refused so they both ( Pan and this guy ) ware turned to puppets and sent into Lud as an energy source. They met Bara team and everyone else there, and this villain told them that Lud can be destroyed by by atacking one spetial spot of his body, but the attack was to be used from inside and outside his body at once. Goku and Pan did it and Lud's body was sucsesfuly destroyed, and everyone was set free including this villain, who escaped, but was later killed by general Lilt, Myu's first servant.

Meantime GT team flies futher throught the Galaxie. Sudenly Gill ( the funny robot, they met on the first planet they've landed on ) asks them to land on one planet, which is actually the one he was born ( created ) on. On this planet is also Lilt's base placed, Gill appears to be a betrader ( likely ) and joins Lilt who changes Trunks into a metal bord and teleports him to Myu's main base. In some time the same happens to Pan and Goku. During that Lilt become a part of his own robo-planet. Then it appeared to be so: Gill didn't actually betrade anyone, he and Trunks made a deal of Gill acting like betrading GT team, so they all could easelly get to Myu's base. Trunks also found out Myu's secret: the strong Mutant, he was creating for a long time. Although mutant was not fully finished yet and was kept in a camera like Cell was kept in, he woke up, got out of it and tried to fight GT team. He was since not strong enough yet, he was gefeated by Goku's Kame-hame atack. Horever Myu sucseded to escape on his spaceship, taking couple cell's of this mutant with him. On the spaceship, mutant killed Myu and took all his energy.

Although mutant seemed to escape, he and GT team meat again on the ruined spaceship, which was about to buirn in deadly flame of a star. Mutant, not wanting to fight them all at once again took the body of one guy from spaceship's passengers. This guy also appeared to be the only survival. For that GT team takes him to one planet, when he should've got healed. While being on this planet mutant cought Goku alone and tried to fight him, but he didn't know that GT team can feel the enemy they fought, no matter in which body, so he had to fight all 3 of them at once again, which he didn't secsed in and had to escape again. I should also mention that the mutant also tried to take over Trunks's body, but Trunks just through him avay.

While GT team was collecting the Dragonballs left, mutant went to Earth. Not knowing of the danger Son-Goten tried to fight him, but when he turned to SS Level 2 mutant took over his mind and body. Next was Son-Gohan, who fought Goten, but made the same mistake. Mutant was of corse switching bodys, but he was leaving his seads in the bodys of his foren victims. Next was Vegeta, who fought Gohan and Goten, he was also infected, but before that he got to know that the mutant was actually the last of Suphul's, the rase, which was eliminated by sayans under command of Vegeta's father. Soon everyone on Earth was infected, except Uubu, Fat Buu and Satan who hided inside of Buu. Mutant chose Vegata's body for himself and from that time on he was called Baby.

When Goku, Trunks and Pan arrived on Earth, they didn't know anythink and gave Dragonballs back to Dendi ( God ), who was of course also infected. Trunks and Goku with Pan went separatly to their homes, where their foes ware waiting for them. Trunks was easely turned to Beby's side, since he allready had Suphul cell's in him. After that Beby wished the Dragon to recrate his planet, near Earth, and all the people ware to moove from Earth which would crush in 3 mounth to Suphul. Goku tries to fight Suphul, but becourse of being small again, and having not enough energy to stay in SS Level 3 Form, he was defeated and almost killed. Kagato saved him in the very last moment. While fighting with Goku Baby absorved Trunks's, Gohan's, Goten's, and Vegeta's doughters energy and turned to a "Super Baby".

After being saved by Kagato, Goku was training again in the God's kindom, by the Senior God. There goal was to give Goku a tail again, so he could could use more of his erergy. In the same time Uubu, Buu, Satan and Pan arrived on Suphul and ware fighting with Baby ( Mostly Uubu ), when Uubu was defeated Buu came to help him, but he was also defeated. After that Buu desided to join Uubu's body ( Uubu was a regeneration of evil Buu, so he and Fat Buu ware actually one all the time ). Uubu tried to fight Baby again, though he had no chanse anyway. He would get killed if Goku wouldn't came to help him, with his tail back.

When fighting with Baby again Goku looked at the Earth, and this had the same effect on him as the full moon's light on normal sayans. He turned into an giant ape, like he resently did in Dragon Ball only on Level 2 and with golden hair. He become very strong, much stronger then Baby, but unfortunately he run of control and started crushing everything around. This might've cast many trobles, if there waren't Pan, she tolked with Goku and showed him the picture with Pan, him and all his family on the sea. After looking at the picture and seeing Pan crying, Goku turned back to his mind, and have reached SS Level 4. If you'r interessted Goku turned to normal only after he took Pan's tear on the finger and tasted it. Goku SS Level 4 was much stronger the Baby and was winning the fight, when evil Bulma sent bulz energy waves on Vegeta, so he turned to ape as well as Goku before, but, since his mind was under mutant's control he haven't lost his mind. Athough this all Baby had overused his body and was defeated [sorry, I truely forgot how it was for sure, this will be soon updated, this isn't very important, it all took part only in 2 episodes].

Though Baby was defeated and everyone was back to normal, the Earth was in to crush for anyway. Everyone who was still on Earth was to be avacuated. Some Spaceships ware leaving Earth for Suphul and some ware just teleported by Goku, who got this ability nack, while reaching SS Level 4. When about everyone was on Suphul and the earth was allready tearing apart Goku was still on Earth, trying to bring one boy who was left to Suphul, but he was exhosted and had allready no energy, he even lost the SS Level 4 form, so they both would die, if not Piccolo, who gave Goku his energy and desided to stay on Earth, and take Dragonballs with red stars with him, becourse of all the trouble they ware in charge for. Piccolo died when the Earth have crashed. After that Earth was wished back by GT team, using Dragonballs with red stars. This was the end of the first part of Dragon Ball GT.

The second part begins with doctor Myu meeting dr. Gero in "hell". As they meet there they deside to take over the earth and kill GT team, by using Android 17 after connecting hell and Earth. For that Myu creates another Android 17 in hell who look's like #17 of Gero, but is much stronger, becourse of using mutant technology. Both 17-th fire the same atack in the sky in the same moment, which opens the gate between two worlds. Everyone kept in hell rushes out in the Earth world, and thats including Freeza's forse, Nappa, Litle Cell's, Babidi's servants, well every villain from DBZ, except for Freeza and Cell. Gohat, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Uubu, Vegeta and Pan face them and kill almost everyone. Son-Goku enters the hell gate where he meets Myu, Gero, Freeza and Cell again. As Gero and Myu escape the hell's gate close's and Goku fight's with Freeza and Cell, who ware training all the time living in hell and got stronger then they ware before. Goku takes over them anyway, but unfortunatelly he can't get out of the hell, since the gate was closed. Piccolo, horever comes to help him from the heaven, and using the same atack in the same moment with Dendi he also opens a gate, which closes right after Goku leaves hell. Piccolo stays there. While Goku was in hell, Vegeta fough #17 of dr. Gero, but even with him alone he wasn't doing very good. After both #17 unite and create one Super17, Vegeta had just no chanse against them. Also note that while flying to Vegeta Gero's #17 killed Krilan and almost killed his sister #18. When Vegeta was loosing the battle, everyone else came to help hem but also lost. Pan grabs Gero and tells Super17 that she will kill he's creator if he woun't stop fighting and returns to hell, Super17 refuses, becourse Myu betraded Gero and Super17 was under only his command. Super17 kill's Gero and Pan hardly escapes with her life. That's when Goku appeares, transformes into SS Level 4 and becomes even stranger then Super17, through that, he couldn't win, becourse Super17 was absorving all the energy of Goku's atacks. Than #18 appeares, very mad at Super17 for killing her beloved Krilan. She tells him that she will expode herself by using the bomb she likely hes ( though she doesn't, it was removed by Krilan, as one with to Dragon, though Super17 didn't know this ). She atacks, but all of her atacks are absorved by #17 easely. During her atcking Super 17 Goku finds out his week spot: while absorving energy he opens himself and becomes uncovered, Goku tells #18 to keep atacking and atacks Super17 with his "Dragon atack" which simply tears Super17 apart. That was the end of Super17 and the second part of Dragon Ball GT.

The third part is sometimes called "The Quest For Dark DragonBalls". It begins right after Goku and #18's eliminating Super17. To rebuild everythink ruined by the villains who ware out of hell, and to wish everyone killed back to life, GT team decided to ask the Dragon about this. But when all the Dragonballs ware collected ( those with Black stars of couse ), and the Dragon was called for he didn't appear, instead of him appeared the horoble creature, the Evil Dragon. It appeared to be this way: Every time Dragonballs ware used, a bit of negative energy was created in Dragonballs and when in Dragonballs negative energy took over the positive they've turned to Dark Dragonballs. The Evil Dragon horever transformed into 7 Dark Dragons with one Dark Dragonball in the body of each one. Goku disided to eliminate the Dark Dragons himself and left. Later, horever, Pan have joined him, since she couldn't stand on the side ( she actually likes to fight as well as Goku, he Grandfather ). Pan had a Dragon-Radar ( actually it was Gill ) and she said that Goku woun't get it unless he takes he with him.

The first Dragon with two-star Dragonball was almost easely eliminated by Goku's Kame-hame atack, though this Dragon could weak his enemies by stealing their energy. The second was the one with 5-star Dragonball. He could use the electicity very well, and would be abble to kill Pan and Goku, but to do that he had to created himself a hude body ( his body was likely made of a jello ). He've locked Pan and Goku inside his body, and ware shocking them with lighthings. This would be their end, if the rain wouldn't start. Dragon's body was to big to hide it and he was killed by his own electrisity. The third Dragon with 6-star Dragonball pretended to be a girl ( even a pretty one ). It wasn't true, though, he was just making an illusion. As he told Goku, he was created when this Piggy from DragonBall had wished the girl underware from Dragon. This Dragon was using the power of wind and water, but was easely busted by Pan's Kame-hame and the finished by Goku's. This three Dragons ware eliminated without Goku's turning to SS Level 4.

The Forth dragon was the one with 7-star Dragonball, and had the ability to absorve someone else and then using his/he power and mind. Actually he was nothing on his own, he just had to have someone's personality in him. When Pan and Goku met him he had a Groudhog absorver ( funny I know ) and was just creating earthquakes. Pan and Goku save one city fro his earthquake and then Goku fires his Kame-hame on him, this have forsed the forth Dragon to through the Grounhog away from his body and absorve Pan. Goku not wanting to hurt Pan couldn't fight Dragon for good and had to do one trick. He pretended to be finished and layed on the ground acting uncoutious. Evil Dragon though he have won an desided to show him Pan for a second, while his doing that Goku pulled Pan from him and eliminated even without using Kame-hame, becourse alone this Dragon was very weak.

The next, 5-th Dragon was with the 4-star Dragonball, his name was SunShinRon, he fought very honestly ( though he could kill Pan, he had just shocked her and took the Dragonballs she had ), but while fighting with Goku his brother SanShinRon appeared, this one had a 3-star Dragonball and was a covardly type, he tried to freese Goku while SunShinRon was waiting, this, horever had litle effect on Goku and he won anyway. Though this Dragon asked Goku to leave him with his life and he would give his Dragonball up free. This of course was lie, but Son-Goku desided to do so. SanShinRon betraded the deal, and was killed by Goku's Dragon Atack, but before that he've blinded Goku.

SunShinRon desided to fight with Goku honestly and gave him a healing water. Goku, horever had no time to use it, LaShinRon the main Dragon with one-star Dragonball appeared, killed SunShinRon and started the unfear fight with Goku. In this time Pan woke up and called upon help Gohan, Goten and everyone else. When they came, Goku was still fighting with the Dragon and LaShinRon was taking over, GT team tried to help but didn't secseded. Thats when Vegeta appeared along with Bulma, who sent the Bulz-waves on him again, but this timw he as well as Goku riched SS Level 4. Goku also found the healing water and had his vision back. Goku and Vegeta both on SS Level 4 tried to fight LaShinRon, but this had no result. Then they desided to unite their bodys, Dragon tried to stop them, but Trunks, Gohan, Goten and Uubu helped them. And extra strong spetie appeared Vego, he took over Dragon and would kill him if the union was more stable, well it wasn't and they got back to their selfs too soon. Also note that that LaShinRon absorved all the Dragonballs except for the 4-star one, which was swallowed by Son-Goku, and later this Dragonball appeared on Goku's forehead. Goku and Vegeta tried to unite again, but LaShinRon coulsn't allow that. Here SunShinRon appeared again, healed by Goku's positive energy. He tried to fight Main Evil Dragon, but he took over his body and thats how SunShinRon died again. LaShinRon then busted Goku for good, so he even lost his SS Level 4 form, after this Dragon used the Dark Fireball to kill Goku and make a big hole all through the Earth on the place Goku was on. After this he fights Vegeta, wounds his badly and almost kills him, whe Goku appears again, calls upon the power of every living spetie on Earth, Galaxie and Universe at all. In Goku's hands forms a hude light-blue Energy ball, which He throughs on LaShinRon and eliminates him for final, saving eveyone in the Universe! Thats where the Dragon Ball GT ends, ( as far as I know ) and also where the whole DragonBall series ends as we know it. Probaly there will be more parts on DragonBall, but thats all for now!


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