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The Androids are numbers 16, 17, and 18. They were created by Doctor Gero. 16 is the tallest of the androids. He seems to be able to sense power levels, and possibly what power level is coming from whom. Next is 17. He doesn't particularly have a huge special power. 18 is the only girl out of the three of them. Like the rest of them, she's extremely strong. The androids were all programmed to kill Goku, whom they thought would destroy him. This is why they were hunting after him, even when he was sick. They could all easily lift trucks above their heads, then throw them amazing distances. Like most villans, all of them could fly, and had what someone might call a "boring" voice. They never changed the tone of voice, or changed their expression. When he was asked to kill the androids, Krilan couldn't forget when 18 had given him a kiss, so he ended up throwing down the control, and crushing it. Their end came when Cell absorbed their energy.

Cell came while the androids were still around. He was found in Trunks's spaceship. Claiming to be Piccolo's brother, he proved to be very powerful. During this time, Goku recovered. He could absorb people's energy, and he was soon very powerful. The more people he took energy from, the more he changed. Originally, he had a black/green/purple face, but he changed a lot by the end of him, and by then he had a tan face. He also looked more human in the end. Cell was probably one of the hardest villans to defeat. Absorbing the androids seem to make him undefeatable. From all over the best fighters came, all with big egos. They thought they could defeat Cell in a single blow. Everyone seemed to be watching the battle. Finally, Gohan stepped up to Cell's challenge, and with the help of his dad, he managed to defeat Cell.

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