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Jeanne: The Kamikaze Thief - Main Characters Info

Maron - She is actually Jeanne. A high school student, lives on her own, seems to have been left by her parents in childhood, however she always awaits letters from them. In her Jeanne form she fights against demons of "evil king". As Maron she is usually chased by Shisaki [aka Sindbad], since she seems to like her very much. With him she usually gets in funny situations. However they always fight they seem to like each other very much.

Fin - An angel, Jeanne's helper. Actually a small, green-haired elfin, with big green eyes and white wings. She gave Jeanne her medallion and told her about her mission. Also she always gives her the power to transform. She seem to be in some relations with Sindbad's Dark Angel... however she's so shy... oh, well.

Miyako - Maron's closest friend, they study in the same school, live in the same house and even are the members of the same sport club. She's a blue-haired pretty girl. Though she seems to be really tough she's very shy, when it comes to some closer relations. Her father is a police detective, responsible for Jeanne's capture operation. Miyuki always helps him [actually the's her, who makes all the traps]. Her friendship with Maron is really tight.

Chiyaki = Sindbad - Comes as a newcomer to Maron's school. He seems to be a kind of playboy, being kinda pretty. His hair is white in his normal self, but it's blue when he's Sindbad. He seem to a servant of "evil king" at first too, but he does the same Jeanne does, so that makes them kind of reveals. However he isn't obseced by evil at all, so later they join powers and fight together.

Dark Angel - Is a helper of Sindbad, he does everything Fin does for Maron. So he's a kind of equivalent to Fin. He has black wings, hair and eyes. Also he seems to like Fin, so he's like trying to seduce her...


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