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Jeanne: The Kamikaze Thief - Information

Well it's an anime show made by Toei Animation, but unlike for example Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball this one haven't got _very_ popular. It's a really good anime, I enjoy it very much. The real title is "Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne".


The main story is that a 16 years old girl, Maron appeares to be the reincarnation of Jeanne D'Ark. An angel, Fin helps her to get her _holy_ powers back. With them she fights evil demons of some 'evil king'. In this show there are no real villains, course demons are more like energy forms and have to take someones body to do something. The ususally live in some masterpieses of art. Jeanne uses a _holy_ pin to kill them.

However she's not the only one who does that - Sindbad has also the same goal, but Fin always says him to be 'evil king's' servant. ~Isn't that way &^_&~.


Well I haven't seen the show to the end, but it has only been producted in 1999, so I guess I soon will. You'll sure have fun watching it, as I had!


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