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Team Rocket: Jesse

Jesse is one of Team Rocket Crew. She's also James' and Meowth's partner. She seems to be unpationt, and this costs her in many trouble. She's also likely to have had a bad childhood ( on the other hand to James ) and every remind about it makes her very angry. She has a long and very cute pink hair, blue eyes and her lips are deep red. She wares a short skirt, boots which almost reach her skirt and a short white T-short ( also her black bra can be seen ). Her pokemon are Arbock and Shlomph, those horever are not very powerfull, so they mostly loose their fights. Jesse is very skilled in crossdressing and acting. A funny thing: she always dresses in the man clothes and James usually acts a girl. Also Jesse seems to be most respected in her team, and I actually think that James and Meowth are affraid of her a bit sometimes.


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