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Magic Knight: Rayearth, Season 1 Information


Queen Emerotto


This is a really good anime show, original comics by CLAMP. The story goes about a magical world, which is going trough it's _not best_ times. The magical world is called Seifiru and it's a kind of perfect world, where will and dreams are the main power. However only as long as the queen Emerotto (Emeraud) takes care and prays for it. But the queen is captured by a mage - Zagato with no clear resone. That's why the queen calls upon so called "Magical Knights" from the mystical world [ aka our world ].

The 3 Magical Knights are the girls:

Hikaru Shido

Umi Ryuzaki

Fu Houji

They didn't know each other before meating in the Seifiro, but as they had to rescue the world, they soon became best friends. [ To be true I haven't seen the first 2-3 episodes, but I know the information ]. So with the help of Puresia (Presea), a mage, loyal to the Queen they get swords of extra hard material. However Puresia dies because of Zagato's servant Akotto (Askot), while making swords.

Then Knights are told to search for God-Machines, who will protect the Magical Worls. That's what they do, facing Zagato's servants on their way: First Askotto (Askot) - his power is to call out monsters, who are actually his only friends, but then he is fulled by Arusione (Alsione). She, being aisled by Zagato asks him to free her, saying she would help, but only used the power of monster to fight against the Knights, winning the love of Zagato [ she called him "Beloved Zagato" - Zagato-sama ]. However she was defeated again, and again aisled by Zagato [ actually I guess this way he simply protected her ].

Then a brown-skin girl, comes to help Askotto, who wasn't too successful [sent by Zagato]. They both try to fight against the Knights, but both loose th fight and disappear somewhere. These was the time when Ferio, Emerotto's brother [he didn't know that, though] helped Knights a lot, he appeared a lot after that time, helping the Knights. After this Rafaga, queen Emerotto's bodyguard, brainwashed by Zagato, tries to fight Knights. He defeated Umi and Fu, but after getting burned by Hikaru's sword he got his memory back and decided to fight against Zagato as well as the Magical Knights.

After Rafaga's healing, Zagato's most beloved servant - Innova fights, but is defeated. He decides to give up his human body [ given by Zagato, he was actually a spirit-beast ] and fight in hes real body, however looses again... during this story all 3 God-Machines are found and Knights fight in them against Zagato.

In final [ not really ] battle Zagato is defeated and it seems like Queen is finally free, but... It's not that way, the truth appears to be that Emerotto and Zagato ware in love, but since Queen had no right for love, Zagato had to capture her. Queen called upon Magical Knights, so they could actually KILL her. In rage, the other side of Queen Emerotto fights the Knights and their God-Mashines. Hikaru is forced to kill her [ she was the one to kill Zagato too ].

After death of queen Knights are sent back to their world, to the Tower of Tokyo, where it all begun.


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