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Magic Knight: Rayearth, Season 2 Information

The second season starts when the three magic knights wish to return to the Seifiro. The meat on the Tokyo tower again and that's what they do. The look they get when the arrive in Seifiro would astonish pretty much everyone - instead of beautiful green land everywhere nothing but rocks can be seen.

The only thing that reminds of the grate Dream World is the castle, built by the mages - no matter if former Zagato's servant or loyal to queen. They fight together now in face of new danger. Three neigbore planets - Autozam, Faren and CZ send their forces to take over Seifiro, while there is no Queen, who would protect the Dream World.

Also Deboner - actually the chaos is a body tries to destroy everything, beginning with the Seiforo. One of Zagato's mages - Alsione joins Deboner and since she can't enter Seifiro herself fights against the protectors of Seifiro instead of her mistress. Deboner says she is the creation of the people's of Seifiro fears. Out of the unsertenity in Hikaru's heart she creates Nova - the dark part of Hikaru, who always fights everyone Hikaru loves.

Autozam's forces are under lead of Iguru (Igl) - a prince of that world. Autozam seems to be a high-techical world [pretty much as our can be], the main problem of which is overpopulation - that's why they try to take over Seifiro as a new free land. Iguru's main helper is Geo. Iguru is the first one to fight Magical Knights in his robot - FTO. Rantisu (Lantis) - Zagato's brother used to live there for some time too.

Faren is a land that reminds ancient Japan. It's space ship is like a metal dragon. Faren's forces are under lead of Princess Aska. Her helpers are San-Yung and an old wiseman. She fights using her magic - actually the ability to make the drawings alive. However her first drawing - a kind of lion is easily [if it can be called easy] defeated by Knights.

CZ - ~ read: Chee-Zeta~ is a land which reminds ancient arabic lands, like from 1001 night. It's spaceship is like a flying palace, the forces are lead by two sisters - Tata and Tatara (Tatra). They first fight using the "guardian spirits". They simulate their movements by dancing some funny dances [like arabic once, ya know].

After fighting the spirites Fu and Umi are captured - first one by Faren, the second by CZ. Before that Hikaru's sword was broken by Nova and she couldn't fight. Puresia [she seemed to return to life thanks to queen's last with, but that wasn't so - she was Puresia's twin sister] tries to recreate her sword, but Hikaru has to stand a mental fight with Nova.

Fu and Umi after being captured fight against their enemies and with help on Askotto [for Umi] and Ferio [for Fu] they succed to escape. Hikaru finally defeats Nova in her mind and is saved also. Waking up in Rantisu's hands she says she loves him.

Iguru tries to become a king of Seifiro, he enters the queen's room at the same time Hikaru does. So one of them has to turn a new king/queen. Umi has a tough fight with 2 sisters, whom she defeats so they turn to her side. Princess Aska joins them too, figts Autozam so their spaceship - CSX is sent to the Seifiro's orbit. Iguru is captured in the castle, he also appears to be deadly ill, knowing he would die anyway he decides to become a kind for real, trying to save his planet. However it's unclear so nothing can be done.

During this Seifiro begins to crush. Also Deboner tries to enter the world, which is destroying it even more.

When it seems that end is pretty near Arusione, captured in castle, finally says where Deboner is, though she dies right after this, because of Deboner's spell. It's on the "dark side of Seifiro" where she is, and that's where Knights go. After defeating Debonner it appears that Hikaru is the next queen, and her only wish was to brake the current way of things in Seifiro - she says that people of Seifiro have to do everything themself instead of waiting for a queen. That's when the knights leave the world of Seifiro the second time.


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