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Soul Hunter - Main Characters List

Taikun: A young talented wizard assigned a mission to sweep the evil spirits out of the human world and restore the peace and order..

Wenzon: The sorcerer and chief strategist of the Yin Dynasty. He secretly wants to get rid of Empress Daji.

Daji: A woman of supreme beauty. Her true identity is an apparition of an old evil fox. Daji controls Emperor with her strong love portion called "Supreme Scent."

Yang-Toe: A genius wizard who possesses tremendous power to be able to perform miracles without magical weapons. He assists Taikun in his mission.

Naza: An android created by the wizardry of Immortals. His battle ability is outstanding. Naza becomes a good fellow warrior of Taikun.

Leizengie: The hundredth son of the Lord of the Western Region. He grew up in the world of Immortals. He can fly in the sky with his wings. He is allied with Taikun.

Emperor Chou: The last emperor of the Yin Dynasty. He falls in Daji's witchcraft and becomes her puppet.

Shen-Kun: The strongest wizard of all the immortals and Taikun's most feared opponent. Sometimes he saves Taikun from disaster. His conduct is mysterious and nobody understands his true intent.

Spushan: The spiritual animal and Taikun's seervant. Unlike its appearance like a hippo, Spushan moves swiftly and flies at tremendous speeds.

Tiger-Cat: A spiritual animal and Shen-Kun's servant. Although it .looks like an over-sized cat, it is more fierce than a hungry tiger in fight. It runs and flies in the air at incredible speed.


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