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Soul Hunter - Episode Guide

#1. "An Incredible Mission"
11th century BC. China. Emperor Chou was enchanted by a beautiful woman called Daji and married her. Soon he becomes a puppet controlled by her bewitching power. Daji is actually the incarnation of old evil fox possessing extraordinary sorcery. She invites two girls to the imperial palace, saying they are her sisters. They are also personifications of evil spirits. Together they indulge in luxury over exploitation and tyranny. The evil sorcerers and warlocks have to be wiped out in order to save the devastated human world. Thus, a bold mission; to confine the evil spirits into a newly build sacred place called "the Spire of the Souls" is declared and Taikun, one of most talented wizard of Kun-Lun Mountains, is appointed to carry it out. On the way to the capital city, Taikun meets Shen-Kun, the wizard who is recognized No.1 of all the wizards. Taikun is no match with Shen-Kun's weapon. He learns he needs a group of strong wizard-warriors to assist him. In the mean time, in the Western Region of the country, Lord Chi-Chan senses that the country is getting into a rumble.

#2. "First hunt of a soul"
Empress Daji invites four Lords who govern four regions of the country for an extravagant party. She plans to find out who would oppose or stand against her. Lord Chi-Chan thinks it is a good time to remonstrate Emperor against tyrannous rule and excessive taxes imposed to the people. Despite of his son's plead, the Lord comes up to the capital city. Taikun, riding on his sacred animal, Spushan, are in the capital, too. He is stunned to see the half-deserted miserable city. Many people are leaving the city for food. Then, Taikun hears that an army of the Yin Dynasty led by a monster sorcerer, Chintow, is about to attack a village in the suburbs for slave hunt. He hurries out of town to rescue the village. Chintow transforms himself into a monster and jumps at Taikun with Fire Blowers in his both hand. Taikun tricks him into the fire circle and destroys the monster - the ghastly apparition of a mantis. Suddenly, his spirit bursts out off his body and goes up into the heaven - into "the Spire of the Souls."

#3. "An android called Naza"
In the Imperial Palace, the grand party is underway. All the Lords make grimaces to this luxurious event as they know the people are starving. Empress Daji slashes anyone who opposes her pleasure. Emperor Chou, having lost his sense of justice completely, is at the mercy of Daji's puppetry. When Taikun is angling without a fishing hook by the river in a forest, he sees a child chasing the man. To his surprise, the child named Naza has many weapons all over his body. The run-away man is his father. Taikun tries to stop Naza and is surprised by his fierce attack. This kid is too tough to beat as he is not a human. He is an android created by one of the master wizard. He has many powerful weapons and can fly in the air.

#4. "An astonishing secret of Naza"
Chi-Fa, the crown prince of Lord Chin-Chan of the Western Region, received the news that his father was thrown into jail. He hurries to the capital city for rescue. Taikun wants Naza to join him in his mission. He learns that Naza gets angry because his father broke his tomb made by his mother -- Naza killed a water monster and when the army of water monsters surrounded his house, he put an end to his own life to save his parent. Then, Mother made his tomb, without knowing Naza is born to be an android wizard and immortal. He revived and came back to kill his father -- Knowing what happened now, Taikun challenges Naza and narrowly defeats the android by a trick. Then, Naza is taken back to the wizard territory for further training by one of the master wizards. In the north border of the country, General Wenzon succeeded to subdue a rebellion and arrests the leader. Yet, he is not happy when he thinks about what is happening in the capital city. He is the commander and strategist of the entire Yin military force and is also a great wizard. He decides to go back to the capital as soon as possible. He has no belief in Empress Daji. All he wishes is to save his beloved Emperor Chou and the Yin Dynasty from disaster.

#5. "Lord Chi-Chan escapes from the capital."
Chi-Fa, the son of Lord Chi-Chan pleads Emperor Chou to release his father, but no avail. He is tricked into dangerous situation by cunning Empress Daji. Taikun confronts Shen-Kun again. But their battle is suspended by the intervention of Tien-Son, the great master of Kun-Lun Mountains. Taikun has a doubt about his mission and requires explanations to Tien-Son. The great master tells him to build a new dynasty to destroy the Yin Dynasty controlled by Empress Daji. No one can defeat this powerful sorceress especially while Shen-Kun, the strongest wizard is teaming with her. Although Taikun is frustrated to know that Tien-Son can not be of further help to him, he decides to continue his quest.

#6. "A Thundering Warrior"
Lord Chi-Chan is allowed to return to the Western Region thank to the help of General Fun-Faze. Daji sends out assassins to kill the lord. When Lord Chi-Chan is cornered, a young warrior descends like an eagle from the sky and saves the lord. The warrior is "Thunderbolt." He is Lord Chi-Chan's 100th son who was sent to Kun-Lun Mountains for training as a wizard when he was a little boy. Meanwhile, our hero Taikun comes up to a village suffering from shortage of water. Lishin, the landlord, sells water to the villagers at an exorbitant price. Spushan, Taikun's flying servant, is surprised as his master accepts to stay at the house of greedy Lishin. What's in his mid?

#7. "Queen Chiang is arrested."
Queen Chiang, the legitimate empress of the Yin Dynasty, is the mother of Yin-Chiao and Yin-Hung. She is a tender and merciful person and is loved by the people. One day, she is suspected to plot an assassination of Emperor Chou and is arrested without any obvious evidences. General Fun-Faze worries the future of Yin Dynasty. Wenzon, the strategist, suggests the abdication of the throne. In the mean time, our hero, Taikun, engages in man-to-man battle with Thunderbolt possessing tremendous power of thunder and lightning. Taikun immediately notices Thunderbolt is an honest guy with strong sense of justice. He wants to get this warrior in his squad.

#8. "Challenge of Yang-Toe"
Taikun has two outstanding warriors now, Naza and Thunderbolt in his mission; Hunting the souls of evil sorcerers and magicians. Suddenly Empress Daji who should be in the capital city attacks him. Daji's power overwhelms Taikun at the beginning of fight, but Taikun spots she is not real Daji. Then, Daji disappears and Yang-Toe, the sorcerer and warrior of Kun-Lun Mountains comes out. Yang-Toe is the master of transformation. He is ordered to support Taikun by the Grand Master Tien-Son. At the Lintow Barrier at the border of Eastern Region and Western Region, a flood of refugees fleeing from the oppression of Emperor Chou surge to the gate. Yang-Toe demands Taikun to show how capable he is to handle this situation. He asks our hero to get the refugees out of the barrier. Taikun has no problem to flee the refugees by tricking the guards. Back to the capital city, a conspiracy involving the Emperor family and General Fun-Faze's family is underway.

#9. "Rebel of General Fun-Faze."
Emperor Chou summons Queen Chiang, confined for the suspicion of Emperor's assassination. She is told that Daji pleads to reduce her sentence to Emperor. Chou, though the evil sorceress sets up more cruel trap to the poor Queen. General Fun-Faze lost his wife and sister at the same time because of Daji's vicious plot. He makes up his mind to give his ultimate decision and goes up to see Emperor Chou. General Fun-Faze asks the emperor to repel Empress Daji out of the country. When his request is rejected, his alternative choice is to leave the emperor.

#10. "A braveheart at Lintow Barrier."
General Fun-Faze escapes from the capital city with Prince Yin-Chiao and Prince Yin-Hung. They get to the barrier at the border to the Western Region. The pursuers sent by Daji ambush them. They are three evil sorcerers capable to smash an entire army troop. Our hero, Taikun and his comrades are heading to the capital city to rescue Fun-Faze. They get a message what the general is in danger at the barrier and turn back to the border quickly. But, it might be too late to save the general. General Fun-Faze is in disparate situation. He has to protect two princes. Suddenly, a warrior runs in for their rescue. He is Fun-Tenpa, the son of General Fun-Faze! The father and the son counter-attack the evil sorcerers and destroy them.

#11. "Dreadful weapons"
General Fun-Faze and his son, Fun-Tenpa defeat three sorcerers sent by Daji. Then, Wenzon, the chief strategist of Emperor Chou, orders his two warrior-sorcerers, Chanky-Fan and Fenlin, to hunt the general. Wenzon's sorcerers possess powerful weapons; Paralyze Megaphone and Red Globe. Paralyze Megaphone freezes a person when his name is called through it. Then, Red Globe sucks a person of any size inside. It is a balloon cage to confine a prisoner. The general, his son and two princes are captured in the bubble cage before fighting back. Taikun and his warriors come to rescue. But, our hero and Thunderbolt are captured easily, as they have no idea of enemies' weapon. No one can resist these weapons except Naza who has no soul as he is an android. Naza descends like a missile in the nick of time by the order of his master, Chen-Ren. He destroys two sorcerers in a flash with his tremendous power!

#12. "General Fun-Faze vs Commander Wenzon"
Wenzon, the chief strategist of the Yin Dynasty, finally comes up to challenge Taikun and his warriors. Wenzon is one of the masters of immortal sorcerers of Chin-Pao Party which has been hostile to Taikun's Kun-Lun Assembly of the Immortals. Wenzon's weapon is too powerful for Taikun and his warriors to resist. They are absolutely no match for its devastating power. Then, Wenzon throws his weapon away and take on his old friend, General FUN-FAZE, for man-to man battle as a human. Meanwhile, Lord Chi-Chan gets back to the capital city of Western Region and meets his old friends and subjects. In the Kun-Lun Mountains, Tien-Son ,the grand master and White Crane are having a confidential talk..

#13. "Taikun meets Lord Chi-Chan."
The battle of Wenzon and General Fun-Faze continues endlessly. Two princes, Yin-Chiao and Yin-Hung, worry whether they should turn back to the capital with Wenzon or go to the Western Region with Fun-Faze. Suddenly, robot-soldiers sent by Kun-Lun Mountains descend and snatch two princes away. Taikun is stunned at this as he does not know why. Wenzon asks him what difference there is between Taikun's mission; "Soul-Hunting," and Empress Daji's deeds. Taikun has no answer to it.

#14. "The army of the Western Region marches on."
Taikun is angling on the river bank in a gorge. Lord Chi-Chan comes up to seek an answer to his thoughts what he should do now from the angler. Taikun, the angler, tells him that he should raise an army to destroy the Yin Dynasty and establish a new nation. Lord Chi-Chan invites Taikun as his strategist. He leads the army to the north according to as Taikun's advice to make an alliance with Lord Chun-Hayfoo of the Northern Region. Just then, four guardian-deities of Chin-Pao Islands (Party) raid the Western Region. They are Wenzon's most powerful warriors. Taikun decides to protect the Western Region on behalf of Lord Chi-Chan. In the meantime, a secret plan involving two princes of the Yin Dynasty is in progress at Kun-Lun Mountains.

#15. "Battle against four guardian-deities."
Taikun and his warriors are engaged in a difficult battles of Wenzon's four guardian-deities. Each possesses astonishing power and they split up four ways to attack . Our hero's team has to engage in man-to-man battle to each of them. Wenzon's warriors are ferocious. The destruction reaches to even the north territory of Lord Chun-Hayfoo. The Lord of the North is startled at the arrival of Lord Chi-Chan's army. In the Kun-Lun Mountains, the secret plan for the princes of the Yin Dynasty becomes ready to start.

#16. "Hunting the souls of four guardian-deities"
The fierce battles against four guardian-deities of the Chin-Pao Party continue. Taikun, Thunderbolt, Naza and Fun-Tenpa defeat Kao-Youkan by team work and send his soul to "the Spire of the soul." Yang-Toe corners Wanmor with his transformation trick.. Thus, Taikun and his fellow warriors hunt down the souls of might guardians one by one. Their souls ascends to the Spire of the Souls. In the north territory Lord Chi-Chan and Fun-Faze meet Lord Chun-Hayfoo accompanied the spiritual bird called God Eagle. Lord Chun-Hayfoo is too suspicious and stubborn to accept Lord Chi-Chan's proposal of alliance. General Fun-Faze tells Chun-Hayfoo that he too lost his family because of Empress Daji. But, Lord Chun-Hayfoo shows no sign of interest in the alliance with Lord Chi-Chan and General Fun-Faze. In the Yin Dynasty's capital city, Wenzon prepares to go to the war front by reforming all the remaining troops and soldiers.

#17. "Melody touches the hearts."
Lord Chi-Chan tries to persuade Lord Chun-Hayfoo to join him to attack the Yin Dynasty. But, the negotiation takes long time. Before it gets to an conclusion, Lord Chi-Chan falls down because of worry. Taikun and his warriors join the Army of Western Regions suffering from the attack of great number of birds. Taikun saves the army and meets the tired Lord. He feels Lord Chi-Chan has a doubt of his cause. He tells the lord to play strings. A beautiful melody flows in the base and to the castle of Lord Chun-Hayfoo. Listening to it, Lord Chun-Hayfoo's mind are gradually changing. He realizes it is a time to make his mind for the sake of country.

#18. "Return of the princes."
Two armies confront each other in the vast prairie. One is the allied army of Lord Chi-Chan and Lord Chun-Hayfoo and the other is the Yin Dynasty's army lead by Wenzon. Then, the robot soldiers of Kun-Lun Mountains bring back two princes of the Yin Dynasty. Return of two princes shakes the minds of both armies. Prince Yin-Chia demands the both armies unite into one for subjugation of Daji so that the Yin Dynasty could be restored.. Taikun and Lord Chi-Chan tell the prince that the Yin Dynasty lost the support of people already and this battle is an inevitable stream of history. No one can stop it.

#19. "The capital city is in flames."
Shen-Kun, a crown-like wizard riding Tiger-Cat, tells the both armies that grotesque monsters scare the capital city. They cease fighting and hurry to the capital city together. On the way to the capital, Taikun, Fun-Faze, Wenzon, two prices everybody is lost in his own thought of what happened and what will come up in the future. Such a thought is smashed away when they get into the capital. What waits for them is the ferocious attack of Daji and her two sisters, Wanky and Haimy. Taikun and his warriors are made of fool by Wanky's poisonous moss scales and Haimy's tricks in the burning palace. Wenzon has a hard fight under the attack of Daji's super weapon; Gravity Shifter.

#20. "Fall of the Yin Dynasty"
Wenzon is cornered by Daji's attack. He is pinned down by the increased gravity around him. He is shocked her outrageous strength and suspects that someone might give the super natural energy to Daji. Meanwhile, Prince Yin-Chiao challenges Wanky and Haimy with his weapon; Phantom Mirror but he is bitterly beaten back by them. Taikun narrowly saves his warriors by sacrificing his own weapon; Power Lash. It is broken as he squeezes excessive power out of it. During the battle, the souls of Prince Yin-Chiao and Emperor Chou are hunted and sent up to "the Spire of the Souls."

#21. "Soul of Daji is confined."
In the battle against Daji, Prince Yin-Chiao and Emperor Chou were soul-hunted. Attending their farewell, Wenzon remembers the history of the Yin Dynasty over the generations. Wenzon was selected to be an attendant to the crown prince. When the queen asked him to take care of the prince at her deathbed, he swore to her he will protect this country for a long time. Wenzon succeeds to cut Daji's energy source off. In the gravity field created by Daji's weapon, Wenzon gives a fatal blow to Daji at last and her soul ascends toward "the Spire of the Souls."

#22. "Battle in the Kun-Lun Mountains"
Taikun returns to the Western Region and reports to Lord Chin-Chan that Daji's soul is confined in the Spire of the Souls. But, he does not look happy nor satisfied of accomplishment of his mission. There is a doubt swirling in his mind. Then, Shen-Kun appears in front of Taikun and his warriors. Shen-Kun tells Taikun that he saw, by his clairvoyance, Daji's soul heading to Kun-Lun Mountains not to the Spire of the Souls. Taikun decides to meet the Grand Master, Tien-Son to find out what's going on. Naza, Fun-Tenpa, Thunderbolt and other warriors want to go with him. Yang-Toe takes the scout role and dashes out first to the Kun-Lun Mountains. Taikun determines to reveal the true purpose of Mission "Soul-Hunting."

#23. "Taikun falls in the desperate situation."
Taikun and his fellow warriors are surprised to see the sorcerer who stands on their way is Yang-Toe. Yang-Toe says the Kun-Lun Assembly gave him a role to watch whether Taikun carries out the mission. He is never a comrade of Taikun's team. He is just a lookout. Then, Yang-Toe transforms himself into Taikun and attacks him still in dismay after Yong-Toe's words. Taikun's fellow warriors can not help him as they don't know which one is a real Taikun. Suddenly Taikun's warriors are assaulted by the weapon called Warp Machine. After a hard battle, they get in a horrible pinch! In the human world down under, the surviving soldiers of the Yin Dynasty start a riot. Great General Fun-Faze knows he must make up his mind to take up a certain action in this crisis.

#24. "Grand Master shows the future to Taikun."
The battle of Taikun and Yang-Toe ends in a draw. Yang-Toe understands what Taikun intends to do and decides to support him, even though he knows it will result that he will betray the Kun-Lun Assembly of the Immortals. They rescue Taikun's warriors out of Warp Machine's attack and together sneak into Hollow Globe Palace, the headquarter of Kun-Lun Assembly. There, they see their own future on the screen. Taikun is shocked to see his skeleton abandoned in the wilderness. He manages to shake off the vision. In the human world, Lord Chi-Chan is about to end his life. The old history comes to an end and the new history begins.

#25. "Taikun's recollection."
Taikun looks back upon the road he came along. He was a son of the head of a local tribe. He really enjoyed the days spending with his friends. One day, the troop of the Yin Dynasty attacks his village and many villagers including his parents were killed. When he was looking for his friends desperately, The Grand Master Tien-Son of Kun-Lun Mountains comes up to invite him to the mountains where the immortals reside. Soon Taikun begins to shows his outstanding skill and intelligence. He becomes the hope of the Immortal Wizards. But, he has a worry in his mind. One day, he descends to the human world on a robot soldier. There, he sees war and destruction, hate and despise, and all the vices in the chaotic country. He hoped he could save the people out of misery one day.

#26. "Taikun shows the road to justice."
Taikun regains himself by recollecting his past. He throws his weapon to Tien-Son and asks him if Daji is actually the supreme weapon created by the Kun-Lun Assembly. Tien-Son admits that Daji is controlled by the Immortals and she is sent to upset the human world when the Immortals think it is necessary. Taikun accuses the Immortals are arrogant and selfish and demands Tein-Son to let the humans live free from the Immortals' interference. Twelve Master Wizards of the Kun-Lun Mountains are listening to Taikun's suggestion carefully on the surround rocks.

Format: 26 episodes X 24 minutes approx.


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