Fish Eye

Fish Eye is one of the Amazone Trio: the first villains group in SMSS. They appear as minors of Zirconia and their goal is to find the golden dream mirror. Fish Eye is definetely my favorite anime character ( no matter what I said before about Siren and Eudial, though I like them very much too ), he is realy cool and pretty. And he is Male, no matter that american, german and some other dub's made him a girl. He is a cross-dresser and probably a homosexul, since he always chooses male victims. When searching for the golden mirror Fish Eye dresses into a beautiful girl usualy wearing something like swimsute, covered with a T-short, which shows his shoulder. When he wares a skirt it's always very short, so he looks sooooo sexy. And he's got a hight pony-tail. When being in hes normal outlook he wares a combinesone ( or how's that called ) with a fish drawed on it. Also he normaly has a long tail with elastick realy low.

Fish Eye many times searches for the mirror, but actually has no luck. Maybe becourse he is choosing his victims by outlook, maybe not. However it is so, and he trases pretty young man, he likes. One of them was Mamoru, whe Fish Eye found him, he realy got to like him ( Lucky Mamoru ^_~ ), so he desided to make him his boyfriend or something like that. However Mamoru wasn't interrested, though he didn't know Fish Eye was a boy. He was realy fidelious to Usagi and tried to get rid of him, but that was no use and mad Fish Eye finaly get's him mirror. But Mamoru's mirror wasn't the one needed, and the time of Amazone Trio was getting to it's end, and Zirconia gave them the last drop of energy, and told them to get the golden mirror using it. She also told them that they waren't humans at all, but got the human body by Zirconia's forse. And that that they ware animals at first and that they would become animals again if they didn't succed in gethering the golden mirror.

However Fish Eye wasn't stupid ( he was actually very smart ). He got to know that Usagi was Sailor Moon, while she invited him to her house after finding her sitting on the park bunch under rain. He also got to know that Chibi Usa had the golden dream mirror and captured her. Then when Hawk Eye atacked Usagi he stopped him. But, suddenly they ware attacked by Magic Piero, a demon sent by Zirconia to kill the Trio. That's when Fish Eye let Chibi Usa free and used their last energy to piece Sailor Moon's dream mirror together. Magic Piero was defeated but scouts, but the Trio was out of energy and about to die. Then Pegasus disided to save them and gava them Dream Mirrors. After this they ware taken in Pagasus' Dream world and started to live there.

There was also one thing that I was thinking over about Fish Eye. See he realy got to like Mamoru, but since he refused him, he was disapointed in him. Then in the last episodes it's clear that Tiger Eye realy took care about Fish Eye, he even stood up fro him before Zirconia. So that made me think, that Fish Eye and Tiger Eye are lovers or something likely, but then I've tolked to Minki and she told me that that could be friendship as well, so I don't know what to think now, however they would make a cute pair, don't you think so? So anyways, this topic is still unclear ( at least to me ), so e-mail me with your opinion.


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Fisheye bowing
Fisheye with sword
Fisheye bowing 2
A common Fisheye full figure pic
Fisheye with north-light background
Fisheye on Pegasus on background
Girly Fisheye staring at someone
Fisheye with misterious look on face
Girly Fisheye on forest background
Fisheye - ballet dancer
Trying to kiss Mamoru
With lippstick ( Small )
With lippstick ( Big )
Girly outlook, holding hands together
Fisheye face close-up
Fisheye bowing 3
Fisheye shirtless ( Animated )
Full figure ( Main Page pic )
Girly Fisheye ( Transparent )
Fisheye screaming ( Minki's site main pic )
Fisheye's about to ride someone
Ripping his shirt off
Manga pic: Fisheye standing on two balls
Fisheye with sword, small

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Naked Fisheye from back view with some japanise writings on
Naked Tiger Eye holding Fish Eye

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Standing, looking at Zirconia
Standing, looking at Zirconia, card view
Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye together
Sitting at the bar, tolking
All sitting at the bar, drinking and choosing cards
Amazone Trio Poster
A 640x480 Wallpaper of them in front of Zirconia
A 640x480 Wallpaper from the last episode, when they get dream mirrors

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