Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is one of Amazone Trio, villains in the 4th season of Sailor Moon. He is brought to life by Zirconia, a witch of Queen Neherelia. He was made from a tiger, so that's maybe the reason for his outlook - a very toll, blonde hensome man with soft, even kinda girly face.

He fights against Sailor Scouts as well as all three of Amazone Trio, but treir goal is to find the Pegasus, who should be in one of dream mirrors. No knowing that this deam mirror should be a golden one they have to look in each and every one they find. Tiger Eye chooses younger girls for his victim, and before taking a look in their mirrow he usually frirts with them and even dates. Once he even dated Sailor Venus, but she actually fulled him and Hawk Eye - since she dated both of them at once. Another time he danced with Lita, so she thought he would be her dream prince [oh, I wished I was Tiger Eye then], but he only wanted to see her dream mirrow and she had to wait whole night for him.

I don't like him as much as Fish Eye, but he is still cool... In his masking forms he alwaya appears as a bisinesman or something like that. To my opinion he like Fish Eye very much [though Minki wouldn't agree] and tried to protect him, when he was tortured by Zirconia. Along with Fish Eye they deside to give up their last drop of energy to Sailor Moon. After that they all are likely healed by Pegasus. When they get dream mirrors they start living in the dream world of Pegasus.


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A common Tiger Eye full figure pic
Tiger Eye fighting with Tuxido Mask
Just a picture of his face
In one of his masking forms
Manga face picture
Manga profile picture
Chained to the board [when fisheye tried to see his deam mirror]

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Naked Tiger Eye holding Fish Eye

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Standing, looking at Zirconia
Standing, looking at Zirconia, card view
Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye together
Sitting at the bar, tolking
All sitting at the bar, drinking and choosing cards
Amazone Trio Poster
A 640x480 Wallpaper of them in front of Zirconia
A 640x480 Wallpaper from the last episode, when they get dream mirrors

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