More Ann, Allan, Cardians and Doomtree info

Alanís Profile

Alan is the male of the duo, and heís a bit shy. Heís the caretaker of the Doom Tree. His assumed name Granger, was really a studentís that he stole it from. Itís obvious that he really, truly has a major crush on Serena. He once went behind a tree and watched her while they were having a picnic. He is awesome at playing the flute which unfortunately summons the Cardians. He is much nicer than Ann. Sometimes in the series, you can see a huge group of girls chasing after him. He may have a huge crush on Serena, but he still loves Ann! Lita accidentally mistakened him for Moonlight Knight, and tried to get him with her cooking. He seemed to like Litaís food very much, but he still had his eye on Serena. Alan hates Darien is always the one that Serena and Ann always fight over. Once, he even unleashed a Cardian on him! It failed because it was Insecta, whom was way out of control, and even stepped on Alanís head!

Annís Profile

Ann is the female of the duo. She is the assumed brother of Alan. She picks a card and Alan summons the Cardian. She also gets really jealous when Alan flirts with other girls. She also has this huge crush on Darien. If youíve ever seen the SnowWhite episode, you understand what weíre saying. She picks a card from the deck of cards in Alanís hand and Alan summons the Cardian. She can be sorta weird, and very grouchy. Thatís not too surprising that she can be weird, she is an alien after all. She has a habit of chasing Darien, but Darien still doesnít like her. She is way more vicious than Alan. In the last episode, she blasted Darien and Serena because of her jealousy. Alan mostly watched the fight, but finally joins in. Perhasps Ann is stronger than Alan? She always attacks without regret and is quite head strong. Ann may always be fighting over Darien with Serena, they seen a tiny bit like friends. For example, in the episode where they get detention, Ann got nice images when she was being nice to Serena. Another time, though, she tried to feed Serena to the Doom Tree in the Secret Garden episode. She is a lot of times making people think sheís rotten, but sheís not really. Ann also really loves Alan, though she might have a crush on somebody else.

The Doom Tree

The Doom Tree wasn't known originally as the Doom Tree. Long ago, it stood alone on a island on a distant planet, surrounded by nothing but ocean, but then, it decided to create Ann and Alan's race. It was then known as the Tree of Life, and they lived peacefully... until evil reared its ugly head. The people of Ann and Alan's race started fighting each other, vying for control over the tree's energy. The Doom Tree tried to stop it, but the evil was too great, and their home planet was destroyed. The Doom Tree escaped with its few loyal followers and sought out a new home. They got there with the help of Queen Beryl. By the time the tree reached Earth, Ann and Alan were the only ones still alive, and the Doom Tree was too weak to help. Not knowing what else to do, Ann and Alan steal energy to keep the Doom Tree alive. However, the Doom Tree can only grow through positive energy, such as love. Realizing that it had no choice, one day, the Doom Tree takes the initiative and tries to solve the problem itself. In the process, however, it goes wild. Fortunately, Sailor Moon's cry to stop snaps the Tree back to reality, and it regains its sanity long enough to tell Alan its story and to ask Sailor Moon for a favor: to cleanse it of the dark energy that has pervaded it. Sailor Moon fulfills that favor and destroys most of the Doom Tree, but a seedling remains, pure and new. With this second chance, Ann and Alan leave with the seedling in search of a new home.


These are the monsters that Ann and Alan used to steal energy. They were picked by Ann, and brought to life by Alan's flute. Although the Cardians were reliable in getting energy, (Yes, they did get energy. Very much of it too.) but they failed in many battles with the Sailor Scouts. (and yes, they did win some battles.) There was one Cardian that Alan could not control. Allen's flute music called forth Cardiens from a deck of cards to collect energy for the doom tree (sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it?), but if you remember, the Cardiens mouths don't move, that is because they weren't supposed to have any dialogue, but leave it to DiC to put dialogue in there to make the show more entertaining. Most Cardiens failed in there attempts and were destroyed by the scouts, but one actually got energy back to the tree, but because it was the wrong type of energy it killed what little bit of life that was growing from the tree. Ann and Alan didn't realize that the tree really needed them to love in order to thrive. Towards the end of the season the tree tells it's story to Serena and Alan, and asks Sailor Moon to heal it. The tree disappears, and then reappears in a tiny bubble as a sapling. Ann, Alan, and the sapling vow to start over and float off in a little bubble. That is the last we see of them.


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