Queen Beryl

Queen Berul is the ruler on the Negaverse. However not the main, but she tries to get Queen Metallica back to life. She is the one responisible for the destruction of Silver Milenium. Those ware her forses, under command of 4 generals ( Jadite, Nephlite, Zoisite and Malachite ), who atcked the Moon Kingdome and forsed Queen Serenity to use her last atack and capture them in Silver Crystal. Then Queen Serenity sent them all, including Beryl in the future of Earth, which then became a battle field between Sailor scouts and the Negaverse Forses.

After awaiking on Earth Queen Beryl and Negaverse forses ware left almost without energy. So, Queen Beryl sends her generals to gether energy. The first one was Jadite, however he wasn't very succesful, so Beryl personally killed him, by looking up in an ice block. The next one was Nephlite, and was a very spetial case, but you can read it on his page. He was killed by Zoisite and died a theatrical death on Molly's ( Naru's ) hands. Molly was then sad probably till the end of the 1-st sesone. Zoisite and Malachite ( Kunzite ) ware lovers, but about them read on their pages, Zoisite was also killed by Beryl, after beating Endymion ( Mamoru ) almost to death. Zoisite died on Malachite's hands. Malachite was alive almost till the end of sesone and was healed by Sailor Moon. In manga first tree generals appeared to be Endymion's friends, but ware all killed by Beryl ( actually twice ). Malachite was on Beryl's side in both anime and manga.

Queen Beryl, through being mersyless was in love with Endymion and after brainbashing him, turned him to her side. He was alos the reasone for Zoisite's death. Queen Beryl appeares as a darkish persone in shadows all along the series and fights by herself only in the end of series. Her usual hair color is red, but her battle form hair color is greenish. Her goal was to bring Matallica back to life, and to revange the Sailor Scouts. However her goals waren't reached and in the end she was healed which was the actual end of the Dark Kingdone.


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Beryl manga pic ( original SM, B&W )
Beryl manga pic 2 ( original SM, B&W )
Beryl manga pic 3 ( original SM, B&W )
Queen Beryl screaming
Endymion kissing Beryl's hand
Beryl manga ( Color )
Evil Beryl face with SM and mamoru on Bg
Beryl manga full figure pic
Beryl original drawing collage ( Color )
Beryl manga face ( Transparent )
Queen Beryl atacking
Beryl with sad outlook on her face
Beryl with her forses on background

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