Besu Besu

The Asteroid Senshi/The Amazon Quartet/The Amazoness Quartet is made up of four young girls. They are CereCere, BesuBesu, JunJun, and ParaPara. They were put in charge of finding the Golden Mirror after the Amazon Trio's failure. In fact, the failure was caused because the Amazon Quartet sent a monster to destroy them all. Zirconia calls them "his little girls" which makes sense because they are somewhere around the ages of 12-14. When things start to go wrong for the Quartet, Zirconia tries to kill them, but, as usual, Sailor Moon saves the day and turns the Quartet into normal girls and gives them their dream mirrors back. In the Manga, Neo-Queen Serenity and Sailor Saturn change them into the Astroid Senshi, or the Sailor Quartet, and the Dead Moon Circus sends them to Crystal Tokyo to train as senshi. Their job then is to protect MiniMoon any time she is in serious trouble. Their senshi names are named after the four largest astroids in the Astroid Belt (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas), hence the term Astroid Senshi. BesuBesu is the stuck up member of the Quartet. She is the only one that would even think of mouthing off to Nephrenia or Zirconia. When Zirconia called them to him, he gave them the news that they were to find the person with a golden dream mirror. They all moaned, but BesuBesu flew at Zirconia, hoping to overpower him. She barely failed, and the others were very unhappy when she lost because they then had to work for Zirconia, instead of lying around all day. She is the animal tamer. Her pool ball is red as is her h ..air. BesuBesu is the 2nd tallest of the Quartet, and she's the youngest also. Her name is prounounced VesVes. She is thought to have the most style, and is equal to Sailor Mars. In the manga, she becomes Sailor Vesta. She's the Sailor Scout/Senshi of the astroid Vesta.



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