So, ok eMotions is the anime-villains-fan group, founded by Me ( Dark Elven ) and Rei5 in November 2000 (don't really remember when). There are three of us now: the once you already know+ SailorSpice7. So we go everything to make anime villains more popular and show you the way we think about villains at all!!! First of all we're creating the best anime villains website on the whole entire net (the ultimate source on anime villains)... also if we succeed in this site and got real popular we're going to do some unbeliveble shows, festivals, going to open anime villains stores and many many more thinks... Just a thought ^_^. Also here you can learn more stuff about us...

There on your left you see our sign, if you see someone wearing it - he's our fan ^_~ *I guess*, you can print it and stick everywhere *j/k, but you still can*.

You can also learn more about us by sending us e-mails, but be aware - when you're sending message trough the screen mail on main page it will come only to me - Dark Elven. Please no stupid questions like "Why do you like anime?" - read FAQ.

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