Sailor Iron Mouse

Sailor Iron Mouse is the first on Sailor Animates - villains of the 5th season of Sailor Moon. She appeares right after Neherelinia was back to her kingdome. Along with her some new characters appear - The StarLights actually, as they've come to pretect the Earth from what happend to their planet and searching for their princess.

Sailor Iron Mouse's goal was to collect all the "true" star seads on Earth, which appeared to be one of the last planets, not defeated by Galaxia. She often fights agains the Earth' Sailor Scouts and StarLights on the other hand. She tries to figure out their true identeties, but she isn't to succesful. She always makes up some plans, but when it gets hot, she preferes to escape. After some time Galaxia kills her by herself for not succeding.

Besides of that she is a really funny something... actually she would be aften called a "dummy". Her alter ego is a journalist of some tv studio - well she says it to be "Galaxia TV". She's pretty short and wares a suit. Af in her Sailor form she does look like a mouse and that's also funny. So yeah that makes her more like funny that dangerous.


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Funny pic of her screaming
Bowing, probably in front of galaxia
Thinking about somwthing
Ready to atack
Looking kinda sad
Another sad picture
Mousey astonished by something?
Well this one is like *kiss me*
A big-size pic of her bowing
A 640x480 wallpaper of her unmasking


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