Wicked Lady

Wicked Lady is originally Chibi Usa (Rini), only turned to DarkMoon's side by the Dark Crystals magic. And although Wicked Lady was a creation of Wise Man, she haven't loose her love and everythink...she has just forgotten it all. And she actually turns to be the last villian in SMR, besides Diamond and Wise Man, after Saphiru was killed. Also Prince Diamond seems to fall in love with her, after he didn't suceeded winning Bunnies (Usagi/Serena) love... But Wicked Lady seems to feel lonely anyway (it's like Wise Man controled her mind) and thats why she atacks Sailor Scouts this hard and mercyless. As far as I understand she uses the power of Dark Crystal to atack, also she's using this real cool umbrella (I allways wanted to have such one, but my mom told me that this way i'd look to girly *crying out loud*). Luna Kitty Ball is also used as a weapon, well it's Rinis toy, so it listens to her for allway^_^. So she travels with Prince Diamond back in time and fights with Sailor Scouts, but than she's getting healed by Sailor Moons magic and going back to the Sailor Worriors's side. Prince Diamond also realized his mistake after that, but i'm not tolking about him at the moment.

So, some might think that Wicked Lady isn't a villian as a villian should be, she's just the small Chibi Usa, only turned to the "bad" side...^_^ But to my mind Wicked Lady is a totally different character than Chibi Usa..., so let's just count her a villian ^_^V.


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