Mimete was part of the Witches 5. Before she rose to power, she had to kill of Eudial first. She used to call Eudial "Snail Lady" because Eudial was VERY afraid of snails. Mimete drew all over Eudial's picture to make her look like a snial. As Eudial was driving back to headquarters, she turned a corner and slammed on her breaks-only one problem. Eudial realised that she had no breaks! They had been eaten away by snails! Mimete came over the radio, informing Eudial that she was dead. So, she was killed as she drove off a cliff. Mimete has a staff, and her attack is, "Gem Buster". She seems to like boys, actors, and singers. She chose her Daimon targets by how cute they were. When she found someone with a pure heart, she would let the demon swallow it and take it back to Professor Tomoe. She had used a machine that Eudial had invented, but hadn't had the chance to use it. Mimete had attached a satellite, and pressed the button. She was then transferred onto a tv screen, 10 times bigger and stronger than she had been. From the shadows, a voice came. It was Tellu! Tellu explained to Mimete that the reason Eudial hadn't used the machine was because if someone else were to pull the plug of the machine, whomever was inside would be trapped forever inside the machine. Tellu pulled the plug, and Mimete died. She had been the youngest of the Witches 5, and had lasted the longest also.


Mimete pics 1

  1. Mimete atacks
  2. Looks from a huge screen
  3. With microphone
  4. Near computer, just like you
  5. Listening to somethink
  6. Mad, real mad
  7. With microphone, real cute
  8. Mad again
  9. Looking from screen, scared
  10. Sitting near comp., dreaming
  11. Smiling
  12. Bye bye, Mimete

Mimete pics 2

  1. Almost full figure
  2. On the phone
  3. Smiling again
  4. On the phone again
  5. Ow, yes! Thats Mimete
  6. Repairing somethink
  7. Sarcastik face
  8. With microphone
  9. On the phone, near table
  10. Trying to make her figure better
  11. ...Umm, just her face...
  12. Bye bye, Mimete



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