Nephlyte was the second Queen Beryls general. He appears after Jedite was gone (actually killd by hes queen). In our world hes pretending to be a businessman with realy cool outlook Maxfild Stanton. Hes got long brown hair, blue eyes, nose that seem to be perfect and so on. Actually hes outlook seems to be the perfect one as for man, but not to my mind...^_^. This cool outlook seem to attract Molly (Naru) so she falls in love with hem, for the first time Nephlyte ignores her feelings, but than he realises that he loves her also. Then when he was sitting with Molly on the bank in midnight park, Zoisite came and tried to kill Molly, but Nephlyte defended her with his own body and dies on her hands... So finally he doesn't seem to be that bad at all... After he died Zoisite become the next general, actually the third one. The most impressing episode with Nephlyte was the last one with him, I guess it's calld "The Friend in Wolfs Clothes".


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Pics of Nephlyte with Molly
  1. Nephlyte carrying Molly
  2. Yes, thay seem to love each other very much

Other pics of Nephlyte
  1. Just his face
  2. Looks like hes going to atack
  3. Pretty sad face
  4. That looks like Molly, but I'm not sure
  5. Nephlyte drawing
  6. Another shot
  7. He's atacking for real now
  8. Full figure

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