Sailor Aluminum Siren

Sailor Aluminum Siren's disguise name was Aya Reiko. She was one of the Sailor Galaxia's worriors. In anime she appears, unfortunatly, only in 7 ( 9 when counting her appearenses as a loughing shadow ) episodes. Originally she seems to be from the planet Mermaid (in Manga). In anime she fights along with Sailor Lead Crow. She eats whenever she wants to, but still she's able to keep that firgue and this makes Sailor Lead Crow usually real mad, but, the friendship between those two is realy strong, never-the-less... On the first look she seems to be kinda silly, but then she appears to be very smart and she figures out Sailor Moon's identity after all. Her plan in getting Usagi's star seed however fails, and she, like Iron Mouse before her, was killed by Galaxia.

Her attack was Galactic Tsunami. She's got long, very long and very cool blue hair(I would love to have hair like this), her face is real beautiful (to my mind) and also she's got cool earrings, they'r like stars with "wings"... Also I like the clothes she wears, they'r like ...umm... totally cute. She's real beautiful, don't you agree?


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Aya pointing her braslets
Big size, looking angry
In her masking outlook, eating chips
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Angry, pointing her weapon

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