Sailor Tin Cat

Sailor Tin Cat ( Nyanko - Japanise ) appears in Sailor Stars part of Sailor Moon, after Sailor Aluminum Siren's death. First she works with Sailor Leed Crow ( Though those two couldn't actually stand eachother ), but then she kills her and is left on her own. All along her appearenses she fights with Leed Crow, onece she even ties her up and lefts in the studio ( the episode with Pop-Music contest where Minako took part ). Sailor Tin Cat also finds out that Serena has a true star-seed, but doesn't success in gethering it, as well as all the other Sailor Animates. In the last episodes she was partly healed by Sailor Moon, and couldn't understand who she actually was and who she was fighting for. Finally she was killed by Galaxia, when she appeared on Earth.

Although Sailor Tin Nyanko was a litle coward, she turned out to be a very interresting peronality. First of all she had this very cool outlook, when she tried to look like a human, those tight black pans, and white jacket, it all looked just cute out. The I just love the way she's working on her nails, she does it like nothing else on this world is more important. Also I like the way she slept on the Pop-Musik contest, well we have the picture of this episode. Ok, well Sailor Tin Nyanko may be not my favorite character, but I like her very, very much.

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Sad Nyanko
Angry Kitty
Half Healed
Nyanko has a gun


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