Cuprine/Ptilol (Cuprine/Pytiror)

       Cuprine and Ptilol are the last of Witches 5. They are twins, and live in one body ( actually they're in a statue ). They can only separate and fight in a spetial dimention. That's exactely where they meat Sailor Scouts. And that was already in Myugen school, on the top levels after Villuy's defeat.

       Their main power is that they are always together, knowing each others thought they are a perfect pair. As long as they are together noone could defeat them. After getting busted a lot Sailor Senshi found that out, and defeated them after separating.

       Cuprine and Ptilol's defeat was the actuall end of my beloved Witches 5...
Oh yes to make no missunderstanding: Cuprine is the one with blue hair.


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Sisters close to each other
They're like tolking... to scouts I guess
A big pic of them both, standing back to back, with japanese names
It's like the first one, but bigger
Cuprine's atacking
Ptilol's atack, Cuprine's in background
Both rising their hands, with space in background
Cuprine chained by Venus
Manga pic of them both

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