Villuy is the fourth of Witches 5. She appeares in only in one episode: #122. She appeares as a student by Muygen School for gifted yound people, where Haruka and Michiru study. Ami Mizuno also tries to enter the school and in this episode it get's clear that Villuy actually had an higher IQ then Ami. By this the myth of Ami's everything-knolege is brocken.

Villuy is not fully human, becourse she caries a machine: Nano on her hand. This machine was in charge of the main computer of Muygen School and it also could send some atackes by itself. It seems to be integrated into Villuy's nerve system realy a lot, and that's why I said she is not just human. Villuy uses Nano's atackes right through her hand. First she atackes all the students, passing entering tests, and their pure harts are taken right inside the computers. Then she atackes Mercury, Neptune and Uranus. However, though being very succesful, she failed, becourse all the scouts united, and she was all alone. Sailor Moon's atack hit Nano and it sent a strong electric wave through Villuy's body. That was fatal to her and so she died, probably very painfully. Her death was the actual begining of the last battle between Sailor Scouts and Death Busters.

Villuy is realy pretty, well all the Witches 5 have pretty bodies, but she looks the best to my mind. She has long silver hair, separated on the middle of her head. Her eye's are skyblue and her huge earrings as well. She wares a Muygen School uniform, but when she's transformed into a witch her outfit is like a swimsute with some crystal-like bra and trunks. She also wares a crystal-like hat of a very funny form, but that makes her even prettier. And as it was said before she's very, very inteligente, but that was her end as well.


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Villuy atacking
Her face in blue light
Manga pic ( original, blue )
Villuy smiling
Manga Villuy and a computer
Manga Villuy full figure ( Small )
Manga Villuy full figure ( Big )
Villuy sending Nano's atack
Villuy with evil smile
Anime figure in witch uniform
Anime figure in school uniform

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