Zoisite was the third Queen Beryls general. In some Northen American versions of Sailor Moon (seasone 1) Zoisite seems to be female, but thats just a stupid sensore, Zoisite IS MALE! He begins his work after killing Nephlyte and is in love with Malachite. And if you consider this wierd, that means that you don't understand anime, becourse such characters are in many series. Malachite also seems to be his "teacher". Zoisite atacks with somethink like Ice Crystals, but thay'r realy deadly. He succeded more then Nephlyte before him, he manages to capture Mamoru (Derien) and almost kills Sailor Moon... But by capturing Mamoru he harmd him real bad, so he would die if not Queen Beryl, thats why Queen Beryl killd Zoisite. He died on the hands of hes beloved Malachite. I watched first part of Sailor Moon allready like a year ago, so I don't realy remember if Zoisite was pretending to be someone in our world. What I can tell for sure that is that he look realy girly, looking at some pictures I can't say that I'm looking on a guy, but for anyway he's a guy for sure. Also he's very pretty (not even for male, but for female as well).


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Looks like shadow
Malachite giving Zoi a roze

Also here are some Manga pics
Here is somethink real touchy, this is the wav with the last words of Zoisite. If you have any extra time please download it, I made Zipped, but it's steel like 500 Kb, but for anyway if you like Zoisite you should hear it, I was crying while listening to it.

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