Blitz is one of the fire demons who serve to Lord Sandara. But she can be also called a thunder demon, becourse she, along with Noise and Cloud, is using thunder power. Blitz flies transformed into a lighthing. She has a cool punky look-out and is probably stronger then Noise. However in the first episode of their appearence she is the first one escape ( well someone had to be first ) and she neaver works together with enyone. Also she said that Cloud is spooky and thats why she is against working with her. She finds "Something Blue", when Lilly found them. However Lilly succeds in gethering them back. And then when she got a new weapon Blitz is defeated. After being healed she died. Her last words ware that she was sorry for not succesing.


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Blitz face close-up
Another face picture
Animated Blitz tolking
Sandara, Noise, Blitz, Cloud and angels ( realy big )

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