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Igunisu ( Ignis )

Igunisu appears after Sandara's and Blitz-tachi's defeat. He Still can't transform his body, so he seeks for someone to live in his body. The one chosen was Takuru, Momoko's, Yuri's and Hinagiku's classmate, who was actually a computer freak, totaly uncool in sports and unloved by girls. Igunisu helps Taruru to become succesful in sports and to get interest among girs. For that Igunisu wants Takuru to find Angels, which he does, but keeps it in secret from Igunisu, becourse since he had a crush on Momoko, who was Wedding Peach. Finally Reine Devilla losts her temper and sends Potamusu to help Igunisu. In two episodes Potamusu desides that Igunisu is a trader and gives him a fatal punch with sword. Then, while dying, Igunisu finds Takuru and frees him from their deal. In this moment it appears that Takuru actually got to like Igunisu very much, and he calls upon angels' help, but, however they didn't succed and Igunisu dies. He died still being a demon ( Unlike most of others, who ware healed ), and he seems to be the most positive character in the whole series.


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Igunisu face close-up
Igunisu smiling

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