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There is a dimension of evil ruled by the malevolent Reine Devila. She has given her minions the orders:

"Koisuru-mono ni attara, sono koisuru-mono wo korose. Aisuru-mono ni attara, sono aisuru-mono wo korose. Soshite, kekkonsuru futari ni attara, sono futari wo korose."
Which means:

"All those you find, if they are someone's sweetheart, kill them."
"And all those you meet, if they are someone's lover, kill them."
"And if you should see a couple getting married... kill them BOTH."

Happy people on Earth radiate Love Waves whenever they are in love, and Love Waves from Earth are very annoying to the Queen of Evil. The Love Waves are the strongest whenever two people are getting married. There is one, however, who it is said can stand up to Reine Devila and her servants -- the Legendary Angel of Love Wedding Peach -- but is she only a legend? The angel Limone has searched for the Wedding Angel for a long time, and now, finally, he thinks he has found her...

The main good characters are:

Momoko ( Peach )
Yuri ( Lily )
Hinagiku ( Daisy )

This is an animated TV series about a very very idealistic and romantic girl, whose belief in the very literal power of love enables her to fight against evil forces seeking to reduce the love in the world. Its of the same genre as "Sailor Moon" ("magical girl") and is an obvious attempt to appeal to the same market, though it is quite a different show in many important ways. The unrestrained idealism and wedding symbolism didn't appeal to mass American audiences, not to mention its tendencies to be politically incorrect with its retro-femininity, and what small chances it had were destroyed by an unreasonably negative American magazine review, but it had a successful run in Japan. At this point, it has no chance of ever being seen in the US, except in fansub form for animation fans as a non-profit project. However now profetional german dub is availeble and show seems to have quite a succes. I also hope that the negative US reseption will be the last of it's kind, becourse the show is quite interresting.

Wedding Peach is remarkable for the complexity of the transformation sequences, the literal use of metaphors, and its unrestrained and unabashed romanticism. (Also for its multi-media marketing, in which toys, magazines, videos, and games were matched to the show.) The show is based on the manga, or comic book, which appeared monthly in Ciao, a monthly magazine for young girls.

As for the title: its a girl's name, in Japanese "Wedingu Piichi". In many English publications the name is given backwards-style (as spoken in Japanese) as "Wedding Peach". Note that Japanese names are in reverse order, and her "first name" is "Peach" and she is addressed that way in the show.


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