Noise is one of the fire demons who serve to Lord Sandara. But somehow I would rather call her a thunder demon as well as her partners Blitz and Cloud, becourse their atacks are based on thunder and Noise flies transformed into a thunder star. Every time Noise appears we hear a cool sound which is like the sound of electro guitar. Noise looks very cute out, but however she doesn't seem to be toooo smart. In the first episode when all 3 of them atcked she showed herself to be very strong, but in the next episode she was defeated by Wedding Peach. Noise captured Josokure and got his belly, thinking it was one of "Saint Something Four", but Sandara discovered it wasn't so Noise renurned and wanted to torture Yosokure to death ( though she seemd to have a crash on him ). But them Wedding Peach appeared and fought he. In this episede Peach got he crystal and using it healed Noise ( Or killed, becourse the higher demons die after being healed ). Her last words ware that she also wants to be loved.


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Noise' face in a cool border
Sandara, Noise, Blitz, Cloud and angels ( realy big )

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