Lord Sandara

Lord Sandara is the second main demon in Wedding Peach seasone 1. He appears after Pluii's death and represents Fire Demons Family. his minors are Noise, Blitz and Cloud and also he has this Purple pet with him all the time. He was ordered to collect "Saint Something Four", but his minors failed, so he had to fight for them himself. So after his pet was healed by Wedding Peach, he appeared on Earth and kidnapped Jamapi, forsing Love Angels to atack, and that was what they have done. After using United Love Wave atack, they've freed Jamapi and all the people captured by Sandara. Then Sandara was healed an his last words ware "I guees this ware love waves.".
Sandara looks realy cool out, he has this red lines on his face and a totaly cool green hair ( just like Pluii, i wounder why ). He wares an armor ( I guess this is an armor ). And Sandara seems to have strong feelings to his minors, becours in the last episode of his appearence his was almost crying remembering Noise, Blitz, Cloud and this pet ( His name was, probably, Thunder, but I'm not sure ).


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Sandara face big size
Sandara's purple pet
Blue Sandara Face with 3 angels ( realy big )
Sandara, Noise, Blitz, Cloud and angels ( realy big )

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