Malachite (Kunzite) was the last (4-th) of Queen Beryls generals. He appeared along with Zoisite, but since those two ware in love he allowed Zoisite to work first. Malachite was also likery Zoisites teacher. After Zoisite was killed be Beryl, Malachite got to work. And although he was likely mad at Beryl for killing Zoisite, he seemed to be most sucsessful from all 4 generals. As I allready said he was in love with Zoisite, which was clear all along the serial, but since in NA dub Zoisite is turned to female, it isn't clear that Malachite is gay. To be true he is, if you'r interrested. Now about him: He's got a long white hair and a totaly cool outlook on his face, also his maneres are like "high" and his atacks are realy strong, but as we (all?) saw it wasn't enough to win.

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Malachite's rising his hand
Malachite looks angry
Malachite card (only 2)
With Zoisite black and white
Small, but still cool pic

Another Malachite picture galery
Zoisite picure galery, where many Malachite's pics are


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