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Fan Fiction

This is the Fan Faction page of EAVSS. Funally, huh? I know it's been long that I promised to make one, so here it is. Fics are separated by authors, click on the title to read it, but you can also download it using "Save target as...". I was allowed to put up most of the works here, but some authors just wouldn't answer: if you're the author and you don't like your work to be here, e-mail me and it'll be removed. There are also some fics of authors, whos name I couldn't find out, please e-mail me. Also send me your fics, if you're the author, and they'll be put up here - e-mail Dark Elven!

If you see *(eDAN vol.x'xxxx)*, this means that the fic was published in that volume of eDAN, please check it, besides it's much more interresting to read it there, since it actually has design, unlike *.txt files we have here [mostly].

Below is the alpabet, click on a letter, which represents the first letter of authors name or just scroll down to see the whole list.
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Brittany Johnson

Brown Eyes

Lady Jupiter
Info on writer

Who Knows What Love Is (eDAN vol.1)
Past Lives - Chapter 1
Past Lives - Chapter 2
Past Lives - Chapter 3
Past Lives - Chapter 4
Secrets Revealed


A Beautiful Morning

Princess Gemini 4
Info on writer

I Should Have Told You Sooner
The Life and Death of Princess Jupiter
The Life of the Heir to the Silver Millenium
The Mystery of the Murdered Senshi
A Battle I'd Never Forget

Rei5's Anime and Manga Club

Rei5's Anime and Manga Club RPG exerts + *.zip

Sailor Angel

New Leader in a New Era - Chapter 1
New Leader in a New Era - Chapter 2


Lita's Perfect Wedding
Lita's New Life

Sailor M

Love Goes On

Sailor Spice 7
             Info on writer

The Path Not Followed (eDAN vol.1)
The Winner's Remorse - Chapter 1
The Winner's Remorse - Chapter 2
The Winner's Remorse - Chapter 3
The One Thing I Can Control - 9 chapters
A Heart In The Sand
Here's To The Night

Scott "Cyclops" Summerton
             Info on writer

Let The Punishment Be The Crime (eDAN vol.1)
Devided by Zero - Beginning
Devided by Zero - Chapter 1
Devided by Zero - Chapter 2
Devided by Zero - Chapter 3
Devided by Zero - Chapter 4
Devided by Zero - Chapter 5
Devided by Zero - Afterlogue


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